I want to give the gift of sight to a child


Two strands of pioneering research are being carried out by v4c.


The first is related to pinpointing exactly what is “normal” development for a child’s eye as the child grows. Astonishingly, this information is as yet unknown – yet it is crucial to the successful treatment of many children’s eye problems. This international project (which is a collaboration between Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool and hospitals in India) will have a major impact on how childhood cataracts, which are the commonest cause of treatable blindness in children in the world, are managed in the future.


The second research programme is concerned with developing more streamlined diagnosis and targeted support for children whose visual impairment is not due to a problem within their eye, but rather to a problem within their brain (where signals from the nerves in the eye are processed). This is called Cerebral Visual Impairment


(CVI), and so far, although the physical evidence of CVI can be detected, the precise effect it is having on each individual child’s perception of their world is not identified – and their problems are not being addressed. This is the commonest cause of vision impairment in children in “developed” countries such as the UK.


To find out more about our ground-breaking eye development work, and its applications, click here.


To find out more about our work to improve the help children with CVI receive, click here.


Both our research programmes will radically improve the quality of treatment children receive and the increase the difference we can make to their lives.


Please support us. For children with eye problems, there is a very narrow window of opportunity to treat them successfully and save their sight. For children with eye problems now, there is no time at all to lose.