I want to give the gift of sight to a child

Family Support

The development of sight during a child’s early years is vital, and it can only take place during this stage of their life.


Children born with sight-threatening conditions needs to have their vision stimulated every day during a large part of their waking hours. These intensive daily routines, on top of everything else involved in caring for a very young child, involve administering drops, inserting contact lenses and putting patches over the child’s “good” eye.


The parents responsible for these routines can feel vulnerable, isolated and under enormous pressure to “get it right” and give their child the best possible start in life and the best possible eventual sight. Unsurprisingly, this puts untold pressure on them


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At v4c we fully understand how parents feel, and we work hard to share that load. We provide invaluable online and face-to-face practical advice and support to the parents and wider families of blind and visually impaired children in the UK.


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